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Dr. Doomaflatchie

Posted by Pastor Szekely on August 21, 2007

Okay…I’ll ask it: Why are there “Preacher Doctors”?

I can respect a man for spending 6-8 years or more in college, and for even spending thousands of dollars for education…I’m not against education ~ I are educated too! But why would a preacher even want to be called “Doctor”?

When a man is acknowledged as “Doctor”, that’s an acknowledgment that he has received the highest degree an institution of learning can give. But does it really need to be acknowledged? Must his signature read, “Dave Doomaflatchie, PhD, LitD, DMin, etc, etc, etc.” And must he be addressed as “Dr. Doomaflatchie”? Isn’t Preacher, Pastor, or Pastor Doomaflatchie showing respect and honor enough??? Will a “Doctor” be a better preacher and pastor [rhetorical question], and if so, shouldn’t every man strive for that title? Do we Baptists need this for the respect of the world, to have accredited colleges [to turn out more “doctors” and honorary docs], to sell more [25-page] “books”, etc?

Please excuse my good-natured ribbing, but I’d really like to know what you think on this…I’m not a doctor of anything…do I need to be…and if I as a pastor don’t, why would any pastor need it?

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