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A Crowd Ain’t a Church

Posted by Pastor Szekely on July 26, 2008

I received the following from Pastor Ken Blue of the Open Door Baptist Church in Lynnwood, Washington. What do YOU think about it?

A guest speaker said, “A crowd ain’t a church“. I wonder what his intent for that comment was. Do crowds intimidate him? Is he opposed to promotions that might bring a crowd? Is he jealous of those churches that have a crowd?

Certainly, not every crowd constitutes a church; but every church should want a crowd.   Every pastor [along with every church member – me] should do everything he can to attract the largest crowd he can get. Then he must preach the gospel to them and [see] as many saved as he can. Common sense dictates, the greater the crowd, the greater the chances you will reach someone for Christ. A crowd may not glorify God, but neither does an empty building.

Jesus gladly preached to the crowds. He wasn’t fooled by them, nor was He foolish, thinking they were unimportant. The Lord instructed His servant to, “…Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23.

If we think the lost man will come to our church because of our alliterated outlines, our King James Bible, and our independent stand, we are mistaken. These things are imperative for us, but they will not attract a lost crowd. I can hear someone say, “I don’t believe crowds are important.” I say to you, “If you had one, you would believe it.” May God help us to be wise enough to know how to attract a crowd, and give us the message needed to reach them for Christ.

1.   We should do all we can to reach people for Christ
2.  We should thank God for those we have
3.  We should never become complacent

So what say you? Is this a point well-taken, or would “doing everything we can to attract the largest crowd” be considered a cross into compromise? I believe it to be a point well-taken…how ’bout you?


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Church Attendance – The Right Reason

Posted by Pastor Szekely on February 12, 2008

Grumpy Man

You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian“!

How many times have you heard that from someone? My response is this: “You’re right…you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, but a Christian will want to go to church!”

Church attendance has been attacked for various reasons, but I think there might be a valid reason for remarks made by some people: Many “churchgoers” go to church for all the wrong reasons. In fact even now, you may know of some people and their reasons on why they go to church.

You may know of the “Sammy and Sally Showoff” family who comes primarily just to strut the latest fashions or to let others know of their newest car that they really can’t afford, but it was worth it just for impression’s sake. Or you may know of “Lenny and Leta Loudmouths” who, when they get your attention, will talk you into one of the church’s corners with gossiping and boasting. And you may also know of “The Menpleaser Family”, Matt and Mandy, along with their cousins, “Phil and Phoebe Pharisee”. They’re the families who love all the attention drawn on them for “all the work” they’ve accomplished for the Lord.

You may have met these folks, or this may even be you. Let’s not think that people without the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, along with other Christians, don’t pick these traits up in ones who attend church for the wrong reasons.

So: What IS the right reason to attend church? Well, let me answer that in this way. When we’re really sick or hurting we wouldn’t go to a hospital just to see a hospital room; we’d go to the hospital to get well. When we’re out of food we wouldn’t go to a grocery store just to answer a survey on “did the cashier greet you today“; we’d buy some food. And if we had to go to Court we wouldn’t go to Court just to see a courtroom; we’d go to Court to find justice. SO: we shouldn’t attend church to show off, gossip, or even to boast on or draw attention to ourselves; we shouldn’t attend church just to visit with friends or even just to participate in some “fun” activity; we should attend church so that we would get to know God in a greater way.

That’s the right reason – to know God in a greater way. Yes, God does give us the command to “forsake not the assembling of ourselves together” and we should go out of obedience…but beyond obedience…when you obey, you’ll want to know God in a greater way!


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