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2 Timothy 2 (15)

If you’d like to get more up-to-date sermons on video, please click on Lighthouse Baptist Church – Lord bless!


BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT – Preached 8/10/08 at Lighthouse Baptist Church









8 Responses to “Sermons”

  1. Wayne Priest, DD said

    Brother: I am looking for some cassettes/cds of the old hell, fire, and brimstone preaching of days gone by. You do not hear much of it if any anymore. Can you point me in the right direction?


    Wayne Priest, DD
    P.O. Box 1714
    Gainesville, Texas 76241

  2. Thanks for clicking in, Bro. Wayne!

    I agree with you – it’s hard today to find the old shoutin’, camp-meetin’, Hell-fire, sin-hatin’, devil-beatin’, God-honoring preaching of days gone by.

    The first site that came to mind which may be a help to you is: – “Johnny the Baptist”. He has some old-timey preachers and their preaching, and he might be able to point you in the direction of some cassettes/cds.

    I pray this helps. Let me know if you find anything, and I’ll do some more searching around…

    Lord bless, my brother!

  3. Smitty said

    Try Jack Hyles was a gifted preacher.

  4. G’day Smitty…

    I’ll have to check it again when you’ve got more on it…But I’ll give it another look…

    Did you ever meet Jack Hyles? Why, in your opinion, was he a gifted preacher?

    …no offense, but I just wanted to know why you think that – I’d love to hear back from you on this.

    Lord bless!

    • ngbiblog said

      I just wanted to reply in regards to the question about why Dr. Jack Hyles was a gifted preacher. Dr. Hyles was an amazing man who truly walked with God. My family attended his church in Hammond, IN while my dad was in college at Hyles-Anderson. Dr. Hyles, by the grace of God, took a church with 700 people, and God used him to build it to over 18,000 in Sunday School. Yes, he was an extraordinary preacher, but he was more importantly an extraordinary man!

      He was a man of character and diligence, hard work and soul-winning! He was a great leader and a wonderful servant of God! He was also, despite his great success, an amazingly humble man. Many of his critics argue this point, but all of those critics did not know him. His church members and friends all attested to the fact that he was an extremely meek man.

      He was however, a very powerful preacher. He might have been meek, but he was not afraid to say what needed to be said. He was a hell-fire, brimstone, shingle pulling preacher!

      I have listened to literally hundreds of his sermons and dozens of his books. He like any other man had his faults, but there is no denying that God used him in a miraculous way. Along with my father, he is one of the heros of my life.

      I would highly recommend his sermons and books to anyone and everyone!

  5. Levi Urbom said

    Brother Szekely,

    I hope that while I’m overseas you and Brother Hamre will keep the video sermons up-to-date. I think that I could get quite a few people in my unit to truly think about their eternity. I have to say that there are some people who church when they get time and think they are okay, so that’s one reason why I hope you keep updated. I think there are two people saved in my unit. Me and another guy and we are always talking about the Bible and scriptures. Its great. Anyway, while I’m over there and you need a camera or computer or something let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help you get your preaching on the internet if something goes wrong with the tools you have as of now.

  6. Lori Burleson said

    Brother Szekely,

    I just saw the sermon on video titled The Perils of the Slow Zebra by Brother Mark Deleon. It was truely a blessing to me. It was so amazing. I am very close friends of Brother Mark and his wife. They used to live in OK and we have been great friends for many years now. I would love to see more of his sermons. I know your church was blessed to have him preach at your church.
    God bless,
    Lori Burleson

  7. So, I go to this website because I consider it accurate.In the past there have been – and maybe there still are – many things that you have had to do without. You have now decided to set your sights on a position or situation that could give you greater prestige and which will afford you considerable self esteem.You don’t like authority and you rebel against all forms of limitation. You are your own person and you intend to stay that way and to get on in the world simply by your hard work and determination.

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