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The Pastor’s Pen Last Entry (for a while)

Posted by Pastor Szekely on June 25, 2009

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged on The Pastor’s Pen for almost a year…and that was by choice.

To make a long story short, it consumed me…I thought I had to post every other day to keep my readership; I was compelled to answer back every reply; I spent much time searching for “just the right picture”…some may know what I’m talking about.

Well, I thought you ought to know this since I still hear from many who read and post comments – many of which are truly an encouragement. I am keeping this blog active and open, and one day I may come back to it and add more content. I still like to blog…and that leads me to this:

I’ve just launched an intentionally “scaled-down” blog for our church – Lighthouse Baptist Church – that I’ll be blogging on for a while. I’m taking a different approach and attitude with this one as I try to recapture a love of mine while not having it become an obsession.

I want to thank every one of you – whether you agree with the content of this blog or not – who visit and read The Pastor’s Pen. Your encouragement, fellowship, and “iron-sharpening” have been truly beneficial for my growth and walk as a believer in THE MIGHTY GOD, THE PRINCE OF PEACE, my LORD AND SAVIOR – JESUS CHRIST.

7 Responses to “The Pastor’s Pen Last Entry (for a while)”

  1. Ty Epling said

    I,too, have had a hard time keeping up a blog. Mine is not near as involved as yours. My children, both grown adult, have placed me on facebook and I have started up the blog again.
    Our Lord places me in projects that are needed. Hope you can come back to blog soon. I was looking for IFB blogs to update my variety blog, and came across this one. It will be a great help to me.
    All Because of Calvary,

  2. John said

    GREAT blog! Wish I had discovered it when it was active! I am enjoying the archives though!

  3. Hello sexy blog lol thats if i site could be called sexy. Did you design it yourself?

  4. ANNETTE said

    Sounds wise.

  5. Resa Nilson said

    Good Morning,
    I enjoy your blog. I discovered it just today. I am saddened that it is no longer active. I have become a Christian in the past year. My pastor gave me the NIV 2011 edition on the day of my baptism. After many years of using the KLV, I was alarmed at the differences. I am now fearful that my pastor cannot lead me in all truth when he is not aware of the problems of this NIV edition. After 30 years as a Mormon I want pure truth. I refuse to be deceived any longer. Should I find a new church or confront the pastor or let this slide and keep quiet? I pray you may read this and respond as this issue is keeping me up at night and I am unsure what the Lord wants me to do. My prayers for help led me to your site. I have bookmarked your blog and will continue to read your great articles. Thank you and God bless you.
    Resa Nilson
    It is a Baptist church that I joined

  6. Resa Nilson said

    oops, I meant KJV not KLV in above post

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