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Posted by Pastor Szekely on June 4, 2008


(Note: This IS NOT an endorsement for Obama – He will bring change, but not for the better!)

As you’re probably aware, the title of this post has been used and used and used in great lengths as of late, and I’m sure we won’t stop hearing about it until November! Of course after the election, no matter who wins the nomination, it will most likely be “politics as usual” and “change” will once again just be an overused word…anyway…

I wanted to use this word to describe what I read this morning in my personal time in God’s Word…

Ezekiel 46:9, “…when the people of the land shall come before the LORD in the solemn feasts, he that entereth in by the way of the north gate to worship shall go out by the way of the south gate; and he that entereth by the way of the south gate shall go forth by the way of the north gate: he shall not return by the way of the gate whereby he came in, but shall go forth over against it.”

When you read verse nine do you notice that folks who came to worship God came in one way and left another way? That really spoke to me in this way: They couldn’t leave the same way they came in! Oh how that ought to be for us in a spiritual sense when we enter into the House of God to worship Him!

We ought to be changed in our church services! Everything we do as we try to worship God in church ought to change us. We ought to submit unto the Holy Spirit as we sing those Scriptural songs and as we listen to the teaching and preaching that’s before us! We ought to come before God every time in His House with the attitude, “Father, I want to know You more; I want to know more of You“. Knowing God more through His Word WILL HAVE a dramatic affect on us that WILL bring about a true change!

Oh dear friends, pray that you would be “conformed into the image of His dear Son”, and that you would be changed to be more like Him every time you are in God’s House. Have your services to God in church be meaningful and desire to heed what He says and do what He wills, and you won’t leave the same way you came in!




6 Responses to “Change”

  1. Great Post Pastor,

    Lord Bless…

  2. Thank you, my brother!!!

    Keep on keepin’ on, and thanks for clickin’ in!

    Catch you over at the Baptist Muse Forum…Lord bless!

  3. Sis. Julie said

    My prayer every day is that the Lord let me be different each day at day’s end than I was when I woke up that morning. I want Him to change me by way of my Bible reading or by using someone He puts in my path that day…but definitely on those days when I am in church to hear the preaching of His Word. God has a purpose for everything we face each day…no matter what that is…and He desires it to change us for His honor and His glory. Good post Brother!! Thank you for this reminder!

  4. You’re welcome, sis, Julie! I’m praying for you and yours…

    Great comments – Lord bless!

  5. Pstr. Shane R. Groff said

    Great blog.

    Why is it that “Christians” do not seem to be changed by the preaching of the Word today? So many go to church and return to their home unchanged and untouched by the preaching.

    I look forward to the times I can have the Word of God change and mold me into what God wants me to be. It is a shame that others do not feel the same way.

  6. Thank you, my brother!

    Great comments you’ve made as well…it is ONLY the Word of God that will truly change us.

    Brother, I pray more folk who call themselves “Christian” would get the attitude and burden for those times of change. We MUST BE more like our God and Saviour.

    Lord bless!

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