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Is Anyone Even Listening?

Posted by Pastor Szekely on June 18, 2007

I’d really like to hear from you on this…

Are you, or have you been latelyseeing souls repenting and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Saviour?

I’ve personally been having some “great and effectual doors” opened for me to witness and preach the Gospel, one-on-one and en masse, and I rejoice in it…but, let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve seen a lost soul truly realize their need to be delivered from their sin debt and trust in the Lord Jesus to be their payment for that debt.

Now I know it could be said that to get a harvest one must first plant and water. And maybe South-central Nebraska [where I’m located] is not yet “white unto harvest”. And maybe I should realize that I live in a small village [pop. 398 – salute!]  and don’t have many people in our area. And maybe I should just be concerned about me being a faithful witness and “not worry” about the results because results are up to God. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

Is anyone listening to the Gospel in your “neck of the woods”? How are they responding to the Gospel? Are they faithful and wanting to grow after there’s a profession of faith?

Are we seeing new converts today, or are we seeing retreads in our churches – ones who went another church and came already with a profession of faith? Now I’m certainly not against that, but I ask this question just to see if new converts are more of the ones being added unto churches.

I’d love to hear from you on this – what’s going on where you’re at – is anyone even listening?


6 Responses to “Is Anyone Even Listening?”

  1. Kathy said

    Hi, I’m Kathy. I don’t know which one of the Pastors from this site wrote this blog but if it is Brother Szekely, hello again.

    Yes, I have been noticing this decrease in salvations as well as what appears to be a kind of hardening of the believers about their own sin in increasing measure lately, actually, for several years now.

    “My neck of the woods” is California so everything seems a bit different here. I am a Kansas gal who got transplanted due to my husband’s job.
    I think what Bob (my husband) and I have noticed more than anything is the growing openness and acceptance of evil within even those who profess Jesus as Lord. In many places it is even in the church! There doesn’t seem to be any fear of God or desire for real holiness anymore. The “Seeker Friendly” movement has really serious harm to much of the sacredness of the gathering of the saints at least out here,in my opinion.

    A friend sent me this video link. It is a Pastor preaching to a youth group but personally I think it’s a message the adults in church need as well (if not more so). It is very good and worth watching. It is 58 minutes long so I also found the transcript so you can read it and save time.



    I am curious to hear what you think of this sermon.

    In Christ Jesus,

  2. Bro. Szekely said

    G’day Kathy…it’s Bro. Szekely ~ Great to hear from you again!

    I really appreciate your comments, and you’re so right. Churches today [from what I have seen] are sorely lacking a reverential fear of God and a practice of His holiness. We [in general, in my opinion] are more like the world than we are like Christ. Sin and wickedness are being accepted and even justified at times! Then we wonder why no revival, why no change, why no power of God, why no great moving of the Holy Spirit.

    I watched the video of that Pastor preaching to those 5,000 kids. I’ve heard of him before, but I didn’t hear all that he had said until this morning…wow! He told it right. Oh how we need to hear and to heed what was preached! It’s definitely not popular, but I’d rather have the power of God and people changing than popularity. Thank you for the links, and thank you for your love and faithfulness unto our God. Keep on keepin’ on, Kathy!

  3. Kate said

    Pastor, yes, I’ve seen a great decline in the past few years. We were just discussing this at FBF. So many have not even heard of Jesus Christ. Those that profess salvation do not live like it. I know what happened to me when I got saved – I totally changed and desired the things of God. I sure don’t see that too often any more.

  4. Bro. Szekely said

    You’re right, Kate…[and thank you for your comments!]…we don’t see too often any more someone who lives like he’s been totally changed by the Gospel, changed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    2 Cor 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

    I like what you said, Kate, “I totally CHANGED and DESIRED the things of God”. That’s good…what a refreshing attitude. Keep on keepin’ on sis, and let’s pray the Lord of the harvest for still another harvest for Him!

  5. Hello Brother Szekely,
    We have 12,000 people in our city and 17,000 in our county. We knock on many doors each week and have done so for almost 2 years and have not seen one soul saved doing so – but we are still going to go out and plant and water the seed. We have seen 9 people saved this year and 8 of those were saved at church. 7 of them are faithful to church. With all of the different religions and TV “Christianity” AND those pesky little JW’s, it is definitely harder to witness now than ever. BUT “The darker the night – the brighter the light” and I know Jesus said in Matthew 28 that we were to fullfill His great commission until the “end of the earth”. The end is not here yet.
    Brother Davenport

  6. Bro. Szekely said

    G’day Bro D!

    The Lord and you are right…it’s not the end yet. I don’t want to give up ~ and we can’t give up. And all those other false professors you mentioned just means we have to “step it up a notch”. The work of God needs a continued consistency and faithfulness like in the first century. It blesses me to read of what’s been going on around Spencer…Lord bless you, Bro D!

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