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My Sister, Wisdom

Posted by Pastor Szekely on March 5, 2007

“Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister…” Proverbs 7:4

Solomon tells his son to think of wisdom as his sister…odd? No, not really…

There are things a man would never do around his sister. There are things that [ought to] make a man ashamed in front of his sister. Solomon wanted to plant this thought into his son’s mind as a preventative for falling into temptation and sin.

It seems that temptation and sin do not make us blush anymore. Things that are vile, cruel, and wicked are becoming more acceptable through the vehicles of apathy, indifference, and compromise. We are not embarrassed or ashamed, but we accept it and say, “I can be contemporary…it’s a new day!” Just give me the old paths, please…and “say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister”!


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