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It’s Really Real!

Posted by Pastor Szekely on November 12, 2006

This morning as I prepare to go to church and meet with God, I have just been thinking on the salvation that God has so freely given to me and on how really real eternal life is for me…Oh, what a Savior!

There was a day when I really realized that I was in a dreadful, sinful condition. I really was convicted of being an offense before a Holy and Righteous God who really was not pleased with me…in fact, He really hated and really could not look upon my sin, but praise His Holy Name, He really, really loved me!

On January 26, 1989, I really repented of sin and really trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for what He did ~ He really sacrificed Himself to be my substitute ~ and for whom He said He is ~ HE REALLY IS GOD THE SON ~ and for what He said His Precious Blood could really do ~ It really could, and did, wash away all my sin and guilty stains!

Even at this moment, I really know for sure that I have a real and eternal home in Heaven with my God and Savior. I really know this because I really have the Real Word of God that tells me so. And one day, I’ll really join that real, heavenly chorus and really sing praises before my King!

Now some may think in reading this that I’m trying to convince myself that God is really real…don’t fret over that, because God has already convinced me that He is REALLY REAL! OH WHAT A SAVIOR!!!


2 Responses to “It’s Really Real!”

  1. SelahV said

    Whenever I awake in the morning, I say Good Morning to God. Although I met with Him at church this a.m., He walks with me every day. I am so grateful, as you, that the Savior is waiting each moment of my day to hang out with me. We have so much fun. God bless you….selahV

  2. Bro. Davenport said

    Those of us who know it is really real and don’t just “claim” salvation as some kind of luck rabbit’s foot for ease of the old concious will also believe God’s promise of provision is real when we tithe, God’s promise of power is real when we witness and God’s promise of peace is real when we stand up for God’s Word. The Neo’s and Modernists can talk all they want about their God being real to them but faith without works is dead!

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