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Just Curious…

Posted by Pastor Szekely on July 30, 2006

BooksWhat books have you been reading lately? Beside the Bible, what other things have you been perusing?

music-notes.jpgWhat music have you been listening to lately?

What’s your standard that determines what you read and what you listen to? I’d like to hear from you on it…and I’ll let you know my answers to these questions soon (I hope) ~ I look forward to hearing from you!


2 Responses to “Just Curious…”

  1. I have been greatly enlightened lately by Rick Warren’s “PURCHASE Driven Life” and Joyce Meyer’s newest book “Call me Jezebel”. I have also enjoyed attending the local ministerial assasination where we drink capacino, share exegetical pontifications in the Hebrew and play frisbee golf. As far as music, I like to jam to the Lamb with Jars of Clay like I am at Wordstock. I dertimine what I read and listen to by what makes me feel good. ……AHHHHHHHHHHH. PUKE! Excuse me worried readers. I am just venting off what I hear from other Christians when I visit the local “Christian” book store. Someone told me recently that CCM isn’t wrong because they know a church that uses it and that church is growing. I said, in my farmlife-based perspective, “If I hit a dog in the road with my car and kill it, that dog is dead. If I drive by that dog the next day it has grown but it has not grown because it is eating good. It has grown because it is rotten and swelling on the inside. Many churches are growing, not because they are healthy but because they are rotten and swelling! AMEN” Other than reading my KJV, I read books by Baptists and listen to Christian music that does not have drums. I am a big Doyal Lawson & Quicksilver fan. I really don’t care if anyone likes that or not because I am an independent Baptist. Excuse me if I sound beligerent but I just finished reading the account of Jesus making a whip and chasing out the things that shouldn’t be in God’s House.

  2. Bro. Szekely said

    LOL!!! Bro. D, your response is “cracking me up”!

    It would be even funnier if it wasn’t true…but you’re right…this is how “Christianity today” is defined…pragmatism…and because “it works”, God must be in it…no matter what His Word says on it!

    And I like and appreciate your “farmlife-based perspective”! AMEN!

    Brother, keep on keepin’ on…also, I like your updated website ( with your upcoming revival announcement ~ Lord bless…

    –From another Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver listener
    Bro. Szekely

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