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Is This Salvation?

Posted by Pastor Szekely on July 27, 2006

It didn’t take me very long to find out that what salvation means to one, it means something totally different to another…let me explain…

Just recently I talked with an older gentleman. He’s an incredible mechanic, and I suppose we (well…he) could have talked about engines all day. But in following what my Lord and Savior did in John 4 with the woman at the well, I tried to turn the conversation from the physical unto the spiritual.

Now my Lord obviously did a better job of it, but I stumbled and fumbled with him into a spiritual conversation. I come to find out quickly that he really didn’t want to talk about spiritual things…but isn’t it true that people must be confronted with spiritual matters if they’re ever going to be born-again?

I ended up asking him, “Are you a Christian” and “Do you know the Lord as Savior”? Now some do not like to ask these questions because what a Christian means to one means something totally different to another…but I like to ask people this ~ why? Because of their response!

The old gentlemen said, “Well, yes, I’m a Christian”. Now I like that because I then asked, “How do you know you’re a Christian”? All he said, and all I could get out of him the whole time was, “When I was a young boy I was at a church camp”. I asked what happened at this “church camp”, and he said, “Well, you know…”. No, I don’t know…and I don’t know if he knows.

It breaks my heart that this man just may be holding on to something that is not salvation of the LORD. When a person is born-again, that person is there! God’s miraculous salvation of a soul from their wickedness and sin should be remembered and proclaimed (barring any head injuries of course…). When Jesus saves a soul, you know it, friend!

What’s going on today? Are people being born-again then going back to live in their old lifestyle? Aren’t we saved…to serve? And why can’t people who call themselves Christian at least tell you, right or wrong, why they call themselves that? Now I know that there are those that do, right or wrong, but I would’nt want to get to Heaven on what this gentleman’s got!

Salvation today means different things to different people. But “let God be true, and every man a liar”. Salvation is in THE Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me“. To be saved by Christ is to believe on Him for who He is (He’s God the Son and He’s the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world) and for what He says He can do (“And I give unto them eternal life” John 10:28). But how does one know that he needs to be saved by Christ?

“For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of…” 2 Cor 7:10. Where’s the godly sorrow today? Where’s the brokenness of heart over personal sin? Godly sorrow works in a contrite heart, brings them to repentance ~ their minds are changed on their sin because they now see it as an offense against a Holy and Righteous God ~ which is all necessary before a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.

My fear for today: many have “accepted Christ”, prayed a prayer, or went through some “religious jag” (as my pastor used to put it), but they have not been broken and crushed over their personal sin…have not had a conversion from the way they view their sin and have not believed on the Lord Jesus for the salvation that only He can give…God help them.


3 Responses to “Is This Salvation?”

  1. We have had one couple that has attended our church since we first started the church in October of 2005. Upon their clear testimony of “salvation” I baptized them in January. Just recently they both have called me on the phone in fear at separate times doubting their salvation. They had been taught what salvation was and had given me a clear testimony in the past but, it turns out that all they had done was walk an isle, shook some deacons hand and filled out a decision card. Nobody showed them how to get saved and they never truly prayed, repented and asked Jesus to save them. What was it that after 7 months of being faithful church members caused them to see their need of getting truly born again? It was the preaching of solid doctrine! The answer comes down to one word – doctrine. With our information age and the curse of TBN everybody knows the term “salvation” but many don’t posses it. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Now if the rest of our church members would get saved we might have revival! HaHa

  2. Bro. Szekely said

    You make a great point, Bro. D! Many have that “head knowlege” of salvation…they make that profession…but what are they professing? Do they have a possession of Jesus Christ? Have they realized “why” they needed the Lord Jesus Christ? I wonder with many folk. When you ask “why” they are saved, and they can’t tell you…I wouldn’t want that.

    Thanks for blogging, my brother!

  3. Levi Urbom said

    Preacher, this is awesome! I am copying and pasting to my Facebook, but I am citing, so you are receiving the credit! Thanks for the great posts brother! Although, September was a few months ago

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